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I meet with another group at Hobby Lobby the third Monday of the month. I'm not really sure why some of the ladies come because, boy, could they teach me at thing or two . This is a group of really creative ladies. I'm just lucky that they like to make cards. Below are Jen, a retired demonstrator, and Carol, a grandmother of 3.Image

I don't know why I take these pictures of their backs - there is nothing exciting about that! Working with the Big Shot are Barb, Rita, and Kathy. At the table is Lisa, a Sabika jewelry consutant. Sometimes we just exchange product - paper for jewelry. I think I might get the better end of that deal! Theresa was new to our group and boy, did she fit right in with the joking and laughs. What a talented card maker she is! Her St Patrick's day card using punch art was awesome - but I forgot to take a picture:(
ImageBelow are Kim, another Sabika consultant, and Barb a special needs student aide for the Altoona School District. They are working on the That's a Tag card.

And then there is Charley. He choses to sit alone, don't think we don't all love him! He sometimes takes a lot of teasing, but he gives it back, too. He keeps the class very lively. He is working on a waterfall card. He was amazed at how easy it was to make - it just looks tricky.


So here is most of the gang hard at work. I prepare 3 projects and each table makes one of the projects and then we pass the kits around the room. It keeps me hopping, but I wouldn't change a thing!

If you would like to join us and live in the Altoona area, we would love to have you. Just be prepared to smile while you are making cards, because this is a fun bunch of ladies and guy! We meet the third Monday at 5:00 at Hobby Lobby.



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Lisa Bates

Nice post, Sue! We LOVE your club and gladly invite anyone looking so a fun time to join us. They will be hooked like we are.

Kim L

Ha ha!! Yes, we are bad. We forgot to check for this post. And we should have looked because we all look great and seem like we're all hard at work. Not like we're all eating and talking nonstop. And we all come because we have such a fun time making your great cards. And we laugh.

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